Cupp Cup 2017

One year after the most lopsided defeat in Cupp Cup history, the Lauren Dizzers were hoping to right the ship for the 10th annual Cupp Cup.  In short, it didn’t happen.  The Wesley Wessers jumped out to an early 4-2 lead after the first session.  It was session two, the alternate shot format, that proved to be the big difference maker.  The Wessers widened their lead to 9-3, winning the alternate shot session 5-1.  The massive lead proved insurmountable on Sunday as the Wessers cruised to a 14.5 to 9.5 victory.


Session One – Eighteen Hole Best Ball  (Wessers 4, Dizzers 2)
Match #1 – J. Solon & M. Ferdinand  vs.  J. Hughes & JR Purrington.  Halved.
Match #2 – R. Regan & J. Gifford  vs.  L. Natale & M. Smith.  Regan & Gifford, 5&4.
Match #3 – M. Lloyd & F. Pacicca  vs.  E. Evans & M. Seifert.  Evans & Seifert, 2&1.
Match #4 – D. Bird & R. Artigiani  vs.  K. Harvey & L. Fournier.  Bird & Artigiani, 5&4.
Match #5 – R. Taylor & J. Haberer  vs.  J. Domagal & B. Warshal.  Halved. 
Match #6 – B. Adams & C. Martin  vs.  A. Asher & B. Krol.  Adams & Martin, 2&1.


Session Two – Eighteen Hole Alternate Shot (Wessers 5, Dizzers 1)
Match #7 – J. Gifford & R. Taylor  vs.  J. Hughes & J. Domagal.  Hughes & Domagal, 4&3.
Match #8 – M. Ferdinand & C. Martin  vs.  E. Evans & A. Asher.  Ferdinand & Martin, 8&6.
Match #9 – M. Lloyd & B. Adams  vs.  M. Smith & L. Fournier.  Lloyd & Adams, 2&1. 
Match #10 – F. Pacicca & J. Haberer  vs.  L. Natale & K. Harvey.  Haberer & Pacicca, 7&6.
Match #11 – R. Regan & R. Artigiani  vs.  JR Purrington & B. Krol.  Regan & Artigiani, 2&1.
Match #12 – J. Solon & D. Bird  vs.  M. Seifert & B. Warshal.  Solon & Bird, 3&1. 


Session Three – Eighteen Hole Singles (Dizzers 6.5, Wessers 5.5)
Match #13 – R. Regan  vs.  JR Purrington.  Regan, 4&3.
Match #14 – B. Adams  vs.  L. Fournier.  Fournier, 1 up.
Match #15 – M. Lloyd  vs.  L. Natale.  Lloyd, 7&6.
Match #16 – J. Haberer  vs.  A. Asher.  Haberer, 1 up.
Match #17 – J. Gifford  vs.  E. Evans.  Evans, 1 up.
Match #18 – C. Martin  vs.  B. Krol.  Krol, 4&3.

Match #19 – F. Paccica  vs.  M. Smith.  Smith, 2&1.
Match #20 – R. Artigiani vs. K. Harvey.  Artigiani, 3&2.
Match #21 – J. Solon vs. M. Seifert.  Solon, 6&5.
Match #22 – R. Taylor vs. J. Domagal.  Domagal, 1 up. 
Match #23 – M. Ferdinand  vs.  J. Hughes.  Hughes, 1 up.
Match #24 – D. Bird  vs.  B. Warshal.  Halved. 


Wesley Wessers – 14.5 points

Rich Regan (3-0-0)      Grade: A

What a debut!  The often heard question around the clubhouse leading up to the Cupp Cup was, “Who in the hell is Richy Regan?”  I would respond with “You don’t want to challenge him to a 2 iron ball striking contest.”  I now respond, “2017 Cupp Cup MVP.”  Richy is a great kid and I hope he gets more into the social mix at RCC in the near future.  I’m looking forward to him extending his perfect mark in the 2018 playing of the Cupp Cup.


Ron Artigiani (3-0-0)      Grade: A-

Another year, another 3-0 record for Arty.  He must get so sick of winning.  Arty had a nice weekend, highlighted by a $100 side match victory over rookie Hurricane Harvey on Sunday.  Although Arty will rarely dazzle you with any miraculous shots, his Pete Fitsik-like demeanor and nine years of Cupp Cup experience are producing big point hauls for the Wessers year after year.


Josh Solon (2-0-1)      Grade: A-

After an injury and frustrating 2015 Cupp Cup, Josh has been arguably the strongest player at the club the past two seasons.  He is a great competitor and knows how to get the damn ball in the hole – something lost on others who try to chase the perfect swing.


Fred Pacicca (1-2-0)      Grade: C

Freddy had a bit of a wobbly start on Saturday.  He did muster up a victory with Habs in the alternate shot, but who the hell didn’t for the Wessers?  Maybe Captain Wes should have eased Freddy into the unique atmosphere of the Cupp Cup with a more laid back partner Saturday morning?  Either way, Freddy got his uniform dirty this year and walked out $100 richer.  Hopefully he gets back in for 2018 and uses this year’s experience to step on the gas.  We all know he has the game to do it.


Mark Lloyd (2-1-0)      Grade: B

Mark, one of the best players at the club, has not had the great success in Cupp Cup’s that one might imagine.  However, a solid 2 point haul in 2017 was certainly welcomed by the team.  His 7&6 drubbing of Larry Natale helped calm the team when it looked like the Dizzers were mounting some sort of comeback in the Sunday Singles.  That’s two singles wins in a row for Mark, can he make it a turkey in 2018?


Jeff Gifford  (1-2-0)      Grade: C+

Giffy got off to a rip roaring start with a nice 5&4 victory with partner Richy Regan Saturday morning in the Best Ball.  After that, things went to shit.  He and Tayls suffered the only loss for Team Wes of the afternoon session (although there is never any shame in losing to Joe Hughes).  The real ass biter was his losing to Edible Evans in the singles on the 18th hole.  I bet he is still chewing on the that one.


Dennis Bird (2-0-1)       Grade: A+

Dennis played brilliantly all weekend.  He averages 3.2 rounds per year due to his 102 hour a week job but somehow gets his game to peak for the Cupp Cup annually.  He was in line for a perfect 3-0 until he conceded a slippery three foot putt like a gentleman to Badger Bob on 18.  They had a great match, the Cup was already won, and Dennis went the high road for halved match.  That’s even better than a 3-0 week in my book and earned Dennis an A+.


Brian Adams (2-1-0)      Grade: B-

Brian slipped down into the white pool this year and did some damage for the Wessers.  He grabbed two full points on Saturday but surprisingly got nipped by a drunk/hungover Logan Fournier on Sunday.  I believe this mini-upset was more due to the miraculous play of Logan with one eye open, but I’m sure Brian wants a mulligan on that match.


Robert Taylor (0-2-1)      Grade: C+

Tayls has the dubious distinction of being the only Wesser to go winless in the 2017 Cupp Cup.  With that being said, he probably was in the most influential match of the entire event.  He and Haberer were four down with four to play on Saturday morning.  The two dug in and fought back, winning the final four holes and stealing a half point for the Wessers.  That comeback really filled the sails for Team Wes and gave them the mojo to grab five out of six points in the afternoon.


John Haberer (2-0-1)      Grade: A-

Habs had an unblemished 2-0-1 record this time around.  As noted above, he and Tayls grabbed a HUGE half point against Domagal and Warshal in the Best Ball.  He took down Aaron “Smasher” Asher with a narrow one up victory in the singles on Sunday.  That was a strong win for Habs.

Fun Fact: John Haberer’s bowling average when I watch him is 302 per game. 


Charles Martin (2-1-0)     Grade: C+

White Chuck Martin scored two full points on Saturday.  He and Ferdinand laid a beat down in the Alternate Shot with a giggle filled 8&6 thumping of Edible Evans and Aaron Asher in the afternoon.  That is pretty much where the fun stopped for WCM.  A feisty Bryan Krol upset the apple cart and beat an under the weather and favored WCM handily, 4&3.  Oops.


Matt Ferdinand (1-1-1)     Grade: B+

“Fernandez” played some great golf yet again in the Cupp Cup.  News Flash: This kid can ball!  Although his record was very average (1-1-1), he did take on Joe “The Titan” Hughes in two matches.  Matt does a great job of grinding hard while still maintaining a pleasant demeanor.  He is an absolute rock for the Wessers.


Lauren Dizzers – 9.5 points

Mike Smith (1-2-0)      Grade: C+

The four time winner of “Nicest Man on the Planet” was treated quite rudely on Saturday as Mike was handed two losses.  Mike regrouped and took down Freddy “Blue Lives Matter” Pacicca in Singles on Sunday.  Mike’s 2&1 victory Sunday gave the Dizzers a little life.  Although they came up a few matches short,


John Domagal (2-0-1)    Grade: A-

JDOM had a great weekend!  The 74 year old taught those young lads a lesson, earning 2.5 points.  His win over twice the size and half the age, Bob Taylor, in the singles matches was one for the ages (or ageists).  Well played, John!  I’m happy to see his name up on the list already for 2018.


Joe Hughes (2-0-1)      Grade: A-

Joe is a phenomenal player and had a nice 2017 campaign.  He had the tall task of taking on Ferdinand in two out of three matches, including Sunday in Singles.  The Cup was already decided by the time the two monsters got to #18, but you sure couldn’t tell.  Joe earned a one up victory thanks to a solid tee ball on #18 with the crowds looking on.  Nice playing, Joe.

Fun Fact #1: In their two matches, Joe and Matt were rumored to have made a combined 21 birdies – 11 for Joe and 10 for Matt.

Fun Fact #2: Fun Fact #1 has not been verified by an independent auditor.


Mike Seifert (1-2-0)      Grade: C      Revised Grade: C+

It is tough to assign a grade to Mike.  On one hand (or should I say “one knee”), Mike bravely played through a torn meniscus thanks to a cortisone shot just for the event.  Now that takes some golf balls.  So, it is hard to be too tough on him.  Conversely, a 6&5 drubbing on Sunday for the 2017 Club Champion makes it difficult to be too kind.  So, I originally gave him the very average “C” grade.  The grade was appealed at the bar and it has since been bumped up to a C+.  This is basically because I freakin’ love Mike.  He is the perfect Cupp Cup competitor.  He tries his ass off but is still pleasant as can be.  That brings me to my next player… (See below)


JR Purrington (0-2-1)      Grade: D

JR “Whirly Bird” Purrington put together another head scratcher of a performance.  JR had a grumpy finish to last year’s event and it really sucked some of the fun out of the weekend.  I was hoping for better this year.  I didn’t get it.  JR’s “helicopter heard ’round the world” on #18 after missing a 30, yes 30 footer, left my jaw on the ground.  In fact, I actually had to repair my chin mark on #18 green after witnessing it.  (Hey, you never know when Roger is watching).  JR is such a fun dude, I just don’t know how to get his mind right for this event.


Larry Natale (0-3-0)      Grade: D+

Larry lost 5&4, 7&6, and 7&6 this weekend.  Gulp.  More like, double gulp.  I will say, and proudly, that Larry carried himself very professionally on Sunday after a rocky Saturday.  That meant a lot to me.  No one wants to struggle out there, and the fact that Larry was able to carry himself with grace despite a frustrating Singles match was noted.  I’m proud of you, Larry.


Aaron  “Smasher” Asher (0-3-0)      Grade: C-

The Dizzers were hoping for some big outings out of their rookie class.  Sadly, Aaron couldn’t quite get it going and put up a bagel in his first Cupp Cup.  I didn’t get to see a whole lot of action out of Aaron, but from reports it sounds like he didn’t play that poorly.  He battled Habs to the finish on Sunday but didn’t scratch out a half point.  I’m sure after a year under his belt, Smasher will produce in 2018.


Logan Fournier (1-2-0)      Grade: C+

Logan went 0 for 2 on Saturday and proceeded to drink his sorrows away Friday night.  He looked a bit disheveled (understatement of the weekend) on Sunday morning.  Side bets of a 10&8 loss were being made as well as which hole Logan would toss the cookies.  Shockingly, Logan closed one eye and somehow played a strong round of golf.  He stung Brian Adams with a one up victory and salvaged his weekend with a full point.


Bryan Krol (1-2-0)      Grade: B- 

BK’s 2017 golfing woes have been well documented this summer.  His handicap ballooned to a 23, leaving Bryan desperately searching for an answer.  BK got the call to fill in as Ken Caldwell was a late scratch due to a hip injury.  Krol’s game sharpened with the pressure on and he played much better than Vegas predicted.  His stunning 4&3 dismissal of White Chuck Martin on Sunday sure turned some heads.  Maybe BK found something?


Ed Evans (2-1-0)     Grade: B

Edible grabbed two big points for the Dizzers this week.   I’d be willing to toss out a low A grade but an 8&6 loss in any format against any opponent is tough to swallow.  I was impressed, however, with his moxie during his eventual victory over Giff in Singles.  Edible stayed calm and cool during a hard fought match.  It was fun to watch!


Bob Warshal (0-1-2)       Grade: C+

Badger Bob got his money’s worth.  Bob played 53 out of a possible 54 holes this weekend.  Good thing he is feeling so damn youthful!  Although lacking a full point win, Bob did grind away like a true champion down to the bitter end.  His anchor match with Dennis Bird was a must watch event.  Bob has been a great addition to the club and the event.


Kris Harvey (0-3-0)    Golf Grade: C-       Charisma and Effort: A+

Yes, yes… Kris went 0-3.  I know, I know, his mouth overloaded his ass on Sunday with the big headed Benny bet with Arty.  BUT, Hurricane Harvey’s charisma is what this event needs to keep purring along.  During our 25 minute rain delay on Sunday morning, Kris was grinding out 5 footers on the putting green in, well, a hurricane.  I LOVED IT!  Additionally, his graceful concession and bet payment to Arty (I know I would have struggled with it) was nothing but class.  Welcome aboard, Kris!