Records, Trends, Streaks

Longest Active Win Streak

8 (Tom M. Peters, 2013 – current).  Tom had stolen the show in the 7th and 8th annual Cupp Cups.  However, he has since vanished from the Rome, New York golf scene.  Will he be seen again?

Most Consecutive Wins

8 (Tom M. Peters, 2013 – current).

7 (Mike Smith ’08 – ’10 and Jerry Closinski ’08 – ’10). Mike Smith’s run came to an end in the 2010 Cupp Cup with a loss in the alternate shot with Dave Fay. Jerry’s streak ended in the first session of the 2011 Cup when he and partner Lauren Cupp were roughed up 4 & 3 by Ed Evans and JR Purrington.

Longest Active Loss Streak

4 (Larry Natale, 2016-present).  Larry got a good whooping from Jeff Gifford in the singles matches of 2016.  The hangover lasted all the way through the 2017 Cupp Cup as he struggled to find his game in a winless campaign.  Let’s hope the bleeding stops on Saturday morning in the 2018 competition.

Most Consecutive Losses

7 ( Jeff Gifford, 2013-2015).  Giff’s streak of five was extended to seven after the first two sessions of 2015.  Yikes.  Jeff did step up in the singles matches and took down a feisty Jeff Morat to win the Battle of the Jeffs and also his first match in three years.


Most Consecutive Matches Without a Win

10 (Paul Katchmar ’09 – ’13). The nightmare is over!! In his second match of 2013, Katch ended the misery as he and Larry Kalk put a whooping on Maya and Bird to the tune of 7&6. Shockingly, this was the first time Katchmar had ever led a match in his Cupp Cup career. Wowsers!

Most Career Individual Points

18.5 (Tom M. Peters ’08 – ’15). Tom has separated himself from the pack with his gashing of Team Wes over the past four Cupp Cups.  His eight consecutive wins (and counting), along with three perfect Cupp Cups, has put him in a class all his own.

Largest Beat Down (Team)

5 & 4 in a 9 hole match (Eric Maya and Denny Parry over John Pollex and Mark Lloyd in ’10). Yes, the perfect match. Every hole was won. Even more interesting is that Pollex and Lloyd were hands down favorites in this match. Oops.

Largest Beat Down (Singles)

8 & 7 (Ken Caldwell over Ron Artigiani in ’09 and Jerry Closinski over Denny Parry in ’10). Ken Caldwell beat Ron Artigiani by this score in the rain drenched 2009 Cupp Cup while Jerry Closinski was also shaking hands with victim Denny Parry on the eleventh green in the 2010 version.

Biggest Comeback (Singles)

Artigiani over Caldwell ’10. In case Ron hasn’t cornered you at Legend’s to tell you every shot, he was down four holes with five to play. And then the magic began. Ron won #15, #16 with a birdie, #17, and then capped it off with a thrilling par on #18 to put an exclamation point on the biggest comeback in Cupp Cup history. In addition, the win tasted even sweeter after the thumping he took from Kenny the year before.

Overall Team Point Totals (through nine years)

TEAM WES – 122 points

TEAM JOSH/LAUREN – 110 points

Cupp Cup MVPs

2008 – Mike Smith
2009 – Ken Caldwell
2010 – Jerry Closinski
2011 – Jerry Closinski
2012 – John Pollex
2013 – Larry Natale, John Domagal, Matt Hughes

2014 – Tom M. Peters

2015 – Tom M. Peters

2016 – Josh Solon & Matt Ferdinand

2017 – Rich Regan

All-Time Cupp Cup Perfect Individual Performances

PURPLE – Team Josh/Lauren
RED – Team Wes

Mike Smith (2008 – loss)
Mike Smith (2009 – win)
Ken Caldwell (2009 – win)
Nick Calicchia (2009 – win)
Jerry Closinski (2009 – loss)
Jerry Closinski (2010 – win)
Ron Artigiani (2010 – win)
JR Purrington (2011 – loss)
Joe Vescio (2012 – win)
Tom M. Peters (2012 – loss)
Ed Graziano (2012 – loss)
Matt Hughes (2013 – win)
John Domagal (2013 – win)
Larry Natale (2013 – win)

Tom M. Peters (2014 – win)

Joe Hughes (2014 – win)

Dennis Bird (2014 – loss)

Tom M. Peters (2015 – win)

Josh Solon (2016 – win)

Matt Ferdinand (2016 – win)

Jeff Gifford (2016 – win)

Ron Weis (2016 – win)

Robert Taylor (2016 – win)

Rich Regan (2017 – win)

Ron Artigiani (2017 – win)



All-Time Cupp Cup Individual Point Shutouts

PURPLE – Team Josh/Lauren
RED – Team Wes

Jeff Gifford (2009 – loss)
Paul Katchmar (2009 – win)
Ken Caldwell (2010 – loss)
Ken Caldwell (2012 – loss)
Mike Smith (2012 – loss)
Dennis Bird (2013 – loss)

Jeff Gifford (2014 – loss)

Ed Evans (2015 – win)

Josh Solon (2015 – loss)

Ed Evans (2016 – loss)

Tom Cole (2016 – loss)

Bryan Krol (2016 – loss)

Joe Hughes (2016 – loss)

JR Purrington (2016 – loss)

Mike Seifert (2016 – loss)

Larry Natale (2017 – loss)

Aaron Asher (2017 – loss)

Kris Harvey (2017 – loss)